What we offer for your dream wedding

Wedding Management

Imagination takes flight and welcomes you to the magical realm of our wedding planning service. Our management is the conductor of your symphony, our creative ideas bloom like a field of wildflowers, and our wedding packages are like finely selected jewels. We would love to use your imagination to create a fairy tale theme wedding where every moment becomes a new chapter.

Venue Selection

Set out on an adventure to find the ideal setting for your aspirations. Weaving hotels, resorts, palaces, riversides, lakesides, and valley views together, our Venue Selection service creates a tapestry of possibilities. As we present a blank canvas of possibilities with your story taking centre stage, feel free to let your creativity run wild.

Food Menu Planning

With the help of our food menu planning service, you can unleash a symphony of flavours where savoury and sweet dishes explode with colour. Enjoy the creative elixir at our Cocktail/Mocktail bar while we craft spectacular dinners that will tantalise your palate. Let's prepare an amazing feast where each dish is a star, and the bar serves as your cosmic play area.

Decoration Theme Concept

Use our Decoration Theme Concept to embrace the colourful tapestry of life's happy moments. The fragrant threads of Mahila Sangeet, Mehndi, and Haldi are woven into the fabric of your love story, much like an artist's brush on canvas. The ring ceremony is a spark in the night sky. Our stages and mandaps become hallowed havens. Dream-adorned, the event path we walk leads you to your ideal moment.

Wedding Crew Management

With our Management service, you can unlock the symphony of your love story, where your love blossoms like a delicate petal, and the shutter clicks like a timeless ballad. We plan the 'Band-Baja-Barat' of your dreams, driven by the beat of Punjabi dholis and sheltered by a royal Baggi or a superb car.


Enter a world under the stars where beautiful people shine like diamonds, live bands play songs that make your soul sing, dance companies create stories with their elegant moves, and friendly girls fulfil all of your fantasies. Allow us to compose the symphony of your amusement.

Design Invitation Card

With the help of our invitation design service, reveal the artistic flair of your special day. We use your story to inform every pixel and stroke of the digital dreams and print masterpieces we create. Your occasion serves as a canvas, and our creations are the strokes of your love tale.

Wedding and Event Plan

Our Wedding and Event Plan service is the exquisite symphony that orchestrates your perfect day, crafting your love story with the brush of elegance and the palette of dreams. We capture the timeless beauty of your moments, from the first murmur of an invitation to the spectacular finale of your celebration.

Travel and Logistic

Join us as we take you on a journey where logistics perform elegant ballets, coordinating buses, cars, trains, and flights in unison. Allow us to play the role of your maestro, arranging your ideal events worldwide. Join us on a journey where every stop becomes a harmonious blend of experiences.


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