Terms & Conditions

Booking & Visiting Terms

    • We will send you the Hotel/Resort option with a photo/video and wedding proposal.
    • You will not contact the property before our final visit.
    • After final our terms we will plan to visit property with you.
    • This is our visiting cost per day/per visit.
    • Jim Corbett: 2,000/- Nainital: 3000/- Rishikesh: 4,000/- Dehradun: 5000/- Mussoorie: 5000/-
    • With other cities/states we will charge around 10,000/- per visit/per day.
    • During visit the properties you will afford our Stay and Meal cost.
    • Our visiting property name, you will get in text (message/mail) by us after visiting.
    • After visiting the properties, which we showed the guest, the guest has to deal with these properties with confidence together with us.
    • When you confirm the wedding booking and pay advance then your visiting cost will be refunded to you.
    • If you will not choose/finalize our given property then it’s ok for us and the deal will be closed.
    • During visiting properties, you will check properties only with us, not alone or with others.
    • When you finalize the property and book it by our channel then you do not need to pay us any TAC.
    • If you will directly book or deal with the property which we finalize or visit. Then you have to pay us 2% TAC of the total cost. (please inform us)
    • If you will directly contact our given property after our visit and make a deal yourself and you will not inform us, Then you have to pay us 5% TAC of total cost.
    • If you will contact our given property after our visiting and make a deal with another vendor/agent channel and you will not inform us, Then you have to pay us 10% TAC of total cost.


    • Please confirm booking by e-mail or message and transfer advance same days.
    • Any Sightseeing is subject to time and Its cost extra charge.
    • Taxes are Applicable as Govt. Rule
    • Price is valid only for 1 week
    • Please carry Aadhar Card or Any Government issue I’d Card
    • All the rates are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Any kind of Insurance like a travel, stay, food, any accident or other Policy are not included in the package

Payment Policy

    • A good faith amount of 25% of the total package has to be made at the time of booking. (Advance)
    • An Additional 25% has to be made after the confirmation voucher.
    • An Additional 25% balance Payment before 30 days of wedding start.
    • Rest 25% balance Payment before 15 days of wedding start.
    • Payment should be in the time otherwise the tour would be subject to cancellation or 10% extra payment.
    • Incidental and extra payments have to be cleared 1 day before check-out.
    • We do not accept Cheques at the time of check out.
    • 100% Payment for Bus, Train, Air Ticket or Helicopter tickets Booking

Refund / Cancellation Policy

    • 70% refund of total package cost if cancelled before 360 days of wedding.
    • 50% refund of total package cost if cancelled before 180 days of wedding.
    • 20% refund of total package cost if cancelled before 90 days of wedding.
    • No refund of total package cost if cancelled in the last 90 days of wedding start.
    • In case Guest cancel the wedding package after confirm and give us token, and later cancel the Wedding package then Token amount are non refundable.
    • The cancellation policy is subject to Hotel/Resort or other vendor rules also, as they will refund the amount with these rules and return us, then we will transfer to you. If they will not refund any amount to us then we can not refund the guest. The client is agreeing on this policy.
    • Advance amount will be adjusted in future bookings only if there are CoViD-19 related travel restrictions imposed by the Uttarakhand Government and/or Government of India.


    • Children below 5 years will be complimentary and above 5 years will be taken in head counting
    • Please read emails carefully and understand the contents and prices. All the email conversations will also be part of your contract with us once you make the booking.
    • As per the directive given by the Government of India, all Indian/Foreign Nationals are required to provide proper proof of identification upon check-in. Valid identifications documents are: Passport & Visa together, Voters Id card, Current Driver’s License. All the documents must include a photograph.
    • Please take care of the belongings before leaving your Transport, Venue or Hotels/Resort, Our Company is not responsible for any loss.
    • If any damage will be done by the client in property or any other equipment/material then it will be paid by the guest. Our Company is not responsible.
    • We are allowed to ask for wedding photos/videos to guests and we can promote it for our promotion on social media/design and so on.
    • We are allowed to ask for a testimonial to guests and we can promote it for our promotion on social media/design and so on.
    • If guests get any injury or damage during the wedding, then our company is not responsible.
    • The contract, terms & conditions are automatically agreed as the deal is final or done.
    • All related Legal/Court matters are only in Uttarakhand State Judicial area.
    • This is a wedding contract & voucher, and it’s automatically accepted by the client after the deal is done. Please check all guidelines before make your deal on http://www.aryonweddingplanner.com/terms-conditions

Buffet Meals or extra charges for client

    • Any extra person would be counted as package price & terms.
    • During the stay if you might be having any NON-RESIDENT GUESTS (can include meals for any event manager or his team, artist, outsourced personnel, DJ team, drivers or invites sent to local guests) over & above for the meals then in such a case we would be charging extra per person as per actual rates written in package.
    • Any extra Meal/order or other extra services will be charged extra.
    • Hotel/Resort extra material or services used will be charged extra.

Extra Notes

    • In case during the wedding bad weather/raining/snowfall/landslides or any other reason, the wedding is not able to be done, then this is subject to hotel/resort/vendor cancel or postponed policy. The company will not pay for extra expenses.
    • In case the wedding, bad weather/raining/snowfall/landslides or any other reason, if guests need to stay more days. Then the client will pay extra stay/meal/vehicle or other expenses himself.
    • During the wedding if the client will change the wedding plan/setup or take another hotel/resort. then the guest will pay for extra expenses himself. The company is not responsible and does not pay.


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